... Work processes step by step

...Bending, glueing and clamping sideframe pieces into the mould. Well cared for pieces of wood with an even strength throughout are laminated together to provide a stable frame which is capable of withstanding great tension.
...Chamfering sideframe pieces to match the depth of the pre-cut recess ready to take the back and front.
... Pre-cutting recesses to receive back an front
... Carving the facet along the inner side of the so
... Finanl sanding before surface treatment - staining and polishing.und hole.
Surface treatment with Shellack .. .Surface treatment with Shellac.
Repeated spraying interspersed with
drying time and sanding. The Shellac
produces a sparkling radiating tone
quality, while surfaces treated with
resinous oils and beeswax components
(as for instance ,,Natural") produce light
and softer tones.
precision required in stringing an instrument . ..Sensitive fingertips
are needed for the precision
required in stringing an instrument
and to ensure good tonal quality.
Various stages Tuning the Lyre .. .Tuning the Lyre.
Advising customers and
demonstrating the instrument
in our workshop of which we
keep a wide range and selection
available. We gladly spend
time to help customers in
making their choice. lt is
satisfied customers who
provide our best recommendations
... Various
stages in
the making