Available choice of standards and finish of the instruments

"Natural finish" or "Golden Lyre" - is for you to choose

We make instruments to various standards, from a fairly simple robust quality to an exclusive top quality standard.

Should you decide to purchase an instrument of the exclusive "G" or "SA" standard the price indudes a hardcover carrying case and a gilded tuning key

The various wood surfac treatments have already in 1990 been changed to Shellac or natural resinous lacquers and oils, after a lengthy period of research. The choice of finish naturally effects the tone quality which we have maximised for each standard.

In the tonal range which requires spun strings those of c and g have been coloured for easier orientation.

Standard „E"

Basic economy standard, back and front made of crosswise laminated Birch, frame made of plain Sycamore, straight bridge without arches. Very robust.. Surface treatment: Shellac, Colour: natural, matt silk finish.

Standard natura „N"

Frame, back and stringholder in plain Sycamore, front in Norway Spruce
straight bridge with arches Surface treatment:
Natural resins, oils and beeswax composition Colour: natural, slightly tinted.

Standard „ I"

Frame, back and stringholder in flame-figured Sycamore, front in close grained Norway Spruce.
Straight or curved bridge. Surface treatment:
Shellac,polished silk finish or matt Colour: natural, gold, red-brown, dark mahogany

Series Golden Lyre, Standard "G"

Frame, back and stringholder in strongly flame-figured Sycamore, front in Norway Spruce.
Straight or curved bridge. Surface treatment:
Shellac, highly polished or matt Colour: Goldbrown, gilded pegs,
stringrest, retaining pins and quadrant tuning key, hardcover carrying case inclusive.

Special Artists Standard "SA"

Frame, back, stringholder in best and strikingly flame-figured in close grained Norway Spruce.
Straight or curved bridge Surface treatment:
Shellac, polished or matt. Colour: natural, goldbrown, red-brown,
dark mahogany. Retaining pins and quadrant tuning key.
Hardcover carrying case indusive.

In general:

bullet angled crystalline Lyres always have a straight bridge
bullet all Kantele and Children's Lyres and Winglyres are in natural colouring with Shellac surface treatment
bullet polished and highly polished chromatic Lyres have ,,Exquisit" - strings (except "E" and "N" standard).