Customer Advice and Service at the Gärtner Lyre Workshop
We offer you a comprehensive service

We greatly value good relationships with our customers and like to be in touch, hence we are keen to be able to devote sufficent time on your visit. It ist therefore important for us that prior appointment is made by telephone Often much time is needed to find the right instrument for an individual and his needs and circumstances, this should not be a hurried decision. To help you in your choice we can play for you the various instruments that come into question. In this way you will gain experience of the individual tone qualities of the instruments and can then make an informed choice. If you wish we can give you initial instructions for playing the instrument. We are of course available to answer your questions about how to handle the instrument or how to care for it. We appreciate being told of your experiences with the Gärtner Lyres, whether you have information of forthcoming concerts or events, reports on music therapy, educational work and so on. Such contact between customers and ourselves has sometimes led to very valuable exchanges of experience between individuals and groups.


If you can give us sufficient prior notice of your coming, we can arrange to give you extensive attention and time; to show you our instruments to give you first instructions or perhaps, to find a contact sufficiently local to you for further tuition.

Re-stringing and renovation

You may bring your instrument for a new set of strings. Apart from re-stringing, the instrument will be cleaned, touched-up as necessary, repolished and tuned.

Repairs of Gärtner Lyres

In case your instrument should have sustained some damage, we shall make every effort to repair it. lt is of course necessary to give us prior notice by telephone.

Reconditioning of older Gärtner Instruments

We can offer you a renovation service to bring your instrument back to its original condition. We have reconditioned many of the old Lyres to new visual beauty and freshness of tone, to the great satisfaction of their owners.

Special Request

We try to meet various kinds of requests too. For instance we have made Instruments which were stringed on the left side to accommodate physical handicaps or have made special accessories for standing up the instrument or holding it in bed or in a wheelchair etc.